It is that time again where all Texas Holly of June Cleaver Nirvana host a potluck for all of the unorganized thoughts that us brilliant bloggers have.

In the past week Ian has learned to ham it up to for the camera. Well today it went from just for the camera to him trying to cheese, my phone and laptop away from me.  When that didn't work he would then go ask Casey the same question.

I am beginning the process of changing from Paxil to a some form of welibutrin. I was advised to do this by a doctor after the loss of the baby to try and switch to a pregnancy safe anti depressant. I tried half heartily a month ago, but with my choice of birth control ending in about 6 weeks I need to make the switch. We may not start trying but it is time to make the switch. Any tips on how to wean off with out withdrawls.


Casey had an interview with a city this past Friday, we don't expect to hear anything for at least a couple of weeks. We are still waiting to hear from the company he interviewed with a few weeks back.

Biggest hide this week my purse, I went looking for it and I couldn't find it anywhere. After about 10 minutes of panic, I thought to go look in Ian's toy bin and there it was.

That is all I have this week since my stomach has decided to empty is contents.

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  1. Check that out, I'm the first to comment! Give me a call sometime, love you, miss you, man Ian is getting so big!

  2. OMG. I can't believe he hid your purse. Genius. Fingers crossed for the interview...

    thanks for potluckin'!

  3. hope the med switch goes smoothly.

    and well done on the purse find!

  4. start drinking more when you get off the meds...haha just kidding

  5. Good luck with the med switch, a friend of mine made that change & she drank something called Brown Juice, which is a homeopathic herbal drink. It comes in quart sized mason jars & says "Brown Juice" on the label. She drank it daily for like two months while she weaned off Paxil & onto Welbutrin. She got it from some homeopathic store on the recommendation of her therapist


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