Story Behind Bobbi Babbles

I am starting a blog to do the things that I miss doing on "When did I go from a kid to a grown up", meme's like wordless wednesday, you capture, all the silly little questions ones. Those are things that bring me joy and I miss doing them.  I don't know what else I will do with Bobbi Babble's but I want a place to tell my stories and be the rockstar I know that I am. If you can't tell in my mind the line between reality and dreams sometimes becomes blurred.



  1. Girlfriend, combine the blogs! Two is going to be so hard - & your blog is YOUR blog! You can blog fiction, you can blog reality, you can blog silliness & honesty. Whatever. There are no rules - you are the owner! Own! LOL :)

  2. PS - if you used to blog these things on the other blog, why did you stop? Just curious. :)


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