Making Your Home Sing

Every Monday Mom's the Word hosts Making Your Home Sing Meme, for more information please click through to her blog. So this is my first time trying this meme, so I hope that I understand and do it right.

What will I do this week day to start to make my home sing. If you read "When did I go from a kid to a grown up?" about how I got out of my funk and got my house up to my standards. With that I then wrote up a Cleaning Routine. I have done pretty well at maintaining it, I had a couple of off days last week.

This week begins a new week on many levels, Casey starts his new job tomorrow, Ian and I have to get back into the swing of things of being by ourselves and I have to start cooking again. So my goal for this week day is to remain calm and to take each day at a time. And plan for dinner first thing after breakfast, so not to have a last minute panic each day.

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Don't forget to ask yourself "When did I go from a Kid to a Grown Up?"


  1. I love having a cleaning schedule. I'm not tied to it, but it does help keep me on track! I like your plan to stay calm as even a small change can cause stress or upset our schedule.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. i kinda have a cleaning schedule, pick up dog poop and clean the kitchen and bonu room floors on days off


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