You Capture- Everyday

Everyday is filled with highs and lows, but all those moments are memories that I want to hold on to and never forget.
Everyday 1

The moments after the tornado has flown through the living room. Where I smile and laugh because he is enjoying the moment. The laugh and we start to pick it up just for it to happen again.
everyday 2

Those moments in the kitchen where, I am lost at what to fix to feed my family. Watching Ian grow and learn while I fix the food that nourishes his body, he nourishes my soul. Then I look above the sink that "Life is good, but why can't it be simpler?" how true are those words.

Everyday, he gets braver and wanders a little farther away. Taking my heart with him as he runs away. Everyday he always returns to snuggle with mama on the couch, bed head and all.

Everyday this boys steal another piece of my heart, even though they already have all of it.

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  1. What great thoughts... you are definitely lucky in what you have in your everyday.


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