This blue bowl, was my Grannie's. I was swarming in grief when she passed that I didn't think of getting anything of hers other then a coffee mug and a picture from her walls. I didn't think about her home that was filled with amazing decorations. I am grateful to my stepmom Janiece for recognizing this and then sharing with me some of the things she got.

The Green Decanter and Green Legged Bowl, were also from my Grannie's they were easy to find homes for (once we moved into our current apartment). They sit on the shelf right inside the sunroof door. The Decanter holds change, that I find floating around the bottom of my purse. The Green Legged bowl holds, a mishmash of things.

You might be wondering where I am stumped then, it all goes back to the blue bowl at the top. I have no idea what to do with it. It has been sitting in a cabinet for 3 years nearly and I want to find it a home, in my home. I love the look of the bowl. It goes with my hodge podge, shabby chic vibe. So I am asking for ideas of where or what I should do with it.

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