Flashback Friday- Easter Edition

As I was digging through the tin I have of old pictures this week looking for some of Easter's past, it dawned on me how much the world has changed in the past 26 years.
I remember as a child hardly any restaurants being open, only specific grocery stores and only one gas station in town. Now nothing seems to slow down and enjoy Easter.
Easter Family
My family used to plan our Easter gathering far in advance, it was a large in charge kind of even and always had a huge easter egg hunt. Now we are lucky if we plan anything at all and it always the last minute (which is hard when people don't all live in the same area, as family grown and changed, and the other things that becoming an adult of my own brings). Last year was not a fun Easter for us, it was my birthday and it had only been a few weeks since our loss. So I was in no mood to celebrate. This year though I can't wait to spend it with my small little family and my mom(Sorry Roper Clan she normally gets the short on the stick on Holidays, being by herself and it isn't fair).
So what does your famiyl do for Easter? Is it a frilly dress Sunday morning in a pew holiday for you or do you just enjoy the time spent with family? I miss those Easter spent with my whole large family who are very much like the family in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" minus the Greek part. Please don't forgot to check out my main blog "When did I go from a kid to a grown up?", for more update goings on with me.

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